“Project Lifeline is one of the most transformative and life-enriching programs the Juvenile Court of Cook County has ever offered.  Most of the young men and women who have completed Project Lifeline and earned their degrees have not only launched successful careers, they have also become mentors and sources of inspiration for other children still in the justice system.  Sadly, our resources are limited, and every year we have to turn away any number of qualified, hopeful applicants.  Our greatest hope is that there will come a time when every child who stands before a juvenile court judge will know that from that day forward, Project Lifeline will be reserving a place in this remarkable program with his/her name on it – that all any kid on probation needs to do is finish high school to receive a scholarship and all the support he needs to achieve anything he ever dreamed of doing.”

— A quote from Steve Eiseman, Project Lifeline Co-Founder and retired Deputy Chief Probation Officer


The Project Lifeline Scholarship Program was founded in 1990 to provide young men and women who have become involved in the juvenile justice system with a combination of financial assistance, service support and personal encouragement to enable them to achieve educational and personal success following high school.

Project Lifeline works in partnership with the Probation Department of the Cook County Juvenile Court.  It accepts applications from past and present court wards of any age who have completed high school or its equivalent.

Since 1990, Project Lifeline had assisted over 425 bright, determined young men and women in overcoming daunting obstacles to attend college or enroll in a variety of trade programs and apprenticeships.  Over one hundred fifty (150) of our students have earned college degrees or professional certifications.  Project Lifeline’s impact extends beyond its actual participants – the possibility of a PL scholarship provides an incentive for all wards of the Juvenile Court to remain in school and continue working toward high school graduation.

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